New Mexico EGP Conference

Encounter God’s Presence has been having a youth summer camp since 2012, it has always been in Texas (looking for that one) but we’re stoked to announce we are now adding New Mexico. EGP will be in Texas in June like always and we had a conference last year in New Mexico and looking to do it again in July 2018. More details as things are confirmed.

Please contact us if you’re interested in this.

Below is an overview video of a past EGP camp to give you an idea. Plans are for July 2018 (tentative dates would be July 9th-13th, 2018.)

Buy all digital footage of 2017 Conference. Times of worship, messages, all 3 workshops for both days, prophetic words, spoken words poetry and daily overview glimpse videos. (You’ll be emailed a link to watch online and also download to your computer.) This week they are all only $20.


Letter with details for parents and youth pastors – click here.

Go here for the scoop on meals, hotel lodging (if needed) and your transportation.  

Past year’s poster below. 

(If you’re looking for our EGP camp in June that we have in Texas… go here.)


Youth groups should contact us for special registering instructions.

* July 2018, we’re looking at having an overnight camp that would be over 4 nights.



                       LIVE  STREAMING – conference online                                                What to Bring List 

                                      Student Guidelines                                                                    Security and Medical info

                                        Additional Leader’s Stuff                                                             Speaker schedule

                                                Tentative schedule                                                                   Visit for a session                                                                                  

                               Conference Registration Form – for those paying to stay in hotels

                            Conference Registration Form – for those NOT staying in hotels

Letter with details for parents and youth pastors – click here.

Check out all the promo videos below.









Esther is from China and will be our persecuted Cristian guest speaker. Her father was a pastor of a 8,000 member church and was arrested and persecuted for his Christian faith. At camp, we will watch actual video footage of him being captured. Esther was beaten and along with her little baby were imprisoned in a “black jail”. You’ll hear her inspiring story and be challenged to live your faith unashamedly.

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Tentative dates are July 9th- 13th, 2018.


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